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Our efforts toward any action are primarily based to achieve desired results. Once we have achieved those results, the focus shifts toward efficiency and quality. Life unlike mathematics does not have any formulas which you can use to optimize the process of working. The best advice available is from people who have already achieved it and are purely based on experience. In my endeavour to explore the best possibilities for ensuring the highest quality and peak efficiency, I have come across one simple fact. It has been there for centuries but due to our spontaneous lifestyle and so many distractions, this is something that is not usually followed. The more you practice it, the more you wonder on why you didn’t adopt it in your lifestyle early. Before I introduce you to the fact, let me put it in form of a mathematical equation.

i) Current State ∝ Results

ii) Right Efforts ∝ Results

iii) Randomness effects results

At best you can come up with one simple equation, which will look like this:

Current State + Right Efforts + Randomness = Result

Though life is not a mathematical formula. But if someone has to put an equation for life events, it will surely look like the above equations. You current state & right efforts directly influence the results. Those of you who have access to high resources, have good aptitude are more likely to succeed in any action as compared to someone else who had no resources or was without effort (provided all other parameters remain the same). I do not wish to undermine the importance of any of the above parts. None is more important than the other, anyone can be more important than the rest two depending on the event and time.

The last parameter “Randomness” is perceived differrently by different people but it is the same. Some refer to it as destiny, universe intelligence, god’s favour, luck, etc. but I call it randomness. I call it randomness because no one really knows what will happen and how will it play out. It might turn out to be in your favour or might not.

The only two parameters that you can influence are: Current state and Right efforts. Among these two, the first “Current state” is also less influenced because you might not be able to influence it always and not majorly to a great extent. Thus, you have power on “Right efforts” and you can only control it (influence it) and hope for the rest two to be neutral for any desired result.

Now that’s where the secret comes into play. When you understand that only efforts are in your hand, you would not want to miss any opportunity to control them. The only way to influence the efforts is to direct your full energy to them and not divide your energy among various efforts (some of which are right and others are not). Find the right efforts which are required for the desired outcome and devote your entire energy, full awareness to them. Do not split your awareness/ energy into anything that is not the right effort.

But the problem is “No one really knows what are right efforts and which efforts are wrong, the precise boundary between right and wrong is not known”. That’s where the secret comes into play. The secret is to engage in one task only. Only engage in one task and you will always have the highest possibility of finishing it in time, with good efficiency and quality. The sooner you finish one task, the sooner you will know if you should engage in some other task or take level 2 of your first task.

Most of us know it. It looks easy if the tasks are big, say one is preparing for 14 miles marathon. For such big event, it is obvious that the efforts should be directed in one direction and any time/ energy spent on movies/social media/books, etc. can prove to be detrimental. No one will argue on it but as soon as the task is small (like entering your data on some website, or reading a novel, finishing your dinner, etc.) people don’t worry too much. They consider that eventually they will be able to finish the dinner, novel, or data entry and get distracted with other tasks which take their quality/ efficiency to the lower side. The same thing happens in every minor task and becomes a habit, a habit that is strong and automatically gets into the lifestyle irrespective you are engaged in a big task or a small task. We all know what happens after that.

The key is: Only engage in one task, one event and engage in it fully. Thus, if you are reading then only read. If you are watching TV, then only watch TV. If you are interacting with someone, then focus your undivided attention on that person, on those words and signs. Do not engage in multiple tasks and you will automatically come to your best quality/efficiency.



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